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Source: "Ancestors of Timothy W Hogan Vol. 2 Family Groups," by Diana J Muir


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Title "Ancestors of Timothy W Hogan Vol. 2 Family Groups," by Diana J Muir

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The ancestors of Timothy Hogan can be traced from Greene County, Tennessee before the Civil War to Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, England where his ancestors were Lords and Ladies of ancient England and Wales. Many lines go back to the ancient leaders of Wales including Rhys aps Griffith and to the Merovingian Kings and Queens of Normandy, France. Timothy's Swedish line, which came to Iowa in the USA, came directly from Sweden where they can be traced back to the sea kings of Uppsala, Sweden in about 500 AD. Continuing back some of his European ancestors, they can be traced to Seleucus Nicator in ancient Syria, the father of Helen of Troy. It is easy to imagine that some of the members of the Hogan Family retained the ambition and traits of their ancient ancestors. Many of his forefathers in Colonial America were Freemasons and instrumental in forming the burgeoning American Nation. Front cover photo - Margarette Falls, Greene Co., TN Rear cover photo -Haddon Hall in Derbyshire England