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Source: "Haverhill," History of Essex County, Massachusetts: With Biographical Sketches ..., Volume 2 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd


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Title "Haverhill," History of Essex County, Massachusetts: With Biographical Sketches ..., Volume 2 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd

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Chapter CXLVIII, Haverhill, by Honorable B. D. Cogswell, "Haverhill, England, and the Wards",

History of Essex County, Massachusetts, with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men
by Hurd, D. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton) ed

Publication date 1888,
pages 1893 - 1896




Early Indian name of Haverhill was Pentuckett. Early English Settlers called it Haverhill in remembrance of their First Minister, Reverend, John Ward, whose family was identified with Haverhill, England for several generations. Page 1893, bottom, right hand column.

January 6, 1643, John Ward was ministering in Haverhill, on the banks of the Merrimac., Page 1893 bottom of right hand column and 1894 top of left hand column.

The Wards are a link between the Haverhill of England and the new Essex in the Americas., Page 1894, middle of the left hand column.

John Ward was the first to graduate at Christ's College in Cambridge, England. He preached at Harverhill and afterwards at Bury where he was suspended by his bishop for not wearing the surplice. He returned to Haverhill and died there in October in 1598. He was known as the "Painful Minister." He had three sons: Samuel, Nathaniel and John who were all in the church., Page 1894, middle and bottom of left hand column.

Nathaniel Ward was John Ward's second son. He was born in Haverhill, England about 1578. He died as a minister at Shenfield, Essex, England in 1652. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1603 as a lawyer. He became Rector of Standon in Hertfordshire. He was connected with the Massachusetts Company in 1630, Brought before Archibishop Laud in 1631 and silenced in 1633. He came to New England in 1634 becoming Pastor of the Church at Agawam or Ipswich and retiring in 1636 due to impaired health. Atthe close of 1646 Nathaniel Ward returned to England., Page 1894 Top to Middle of right hand column.

John Ward, Nathaniel's son born November 5, 1606 probably at Haverhill, though possibly at Ipswich England. He was educated at Cambridge (like father and grandfather) and received his degree of A.B. in 1626 and A.M .in 1630. He came to America in 1639and apparently lived in Ipswich either with or near his father. He probably took up permanent residence in Haverhill in Autumn of 1641. Page 1894, Bottom Half, Right Hand Column.

John Ward lived happily with his wife for more than 40 years before she died. Page 1895, Top of the Bottom Fourth of Left Hand Column.

John Ward's wife was Alice Edmunds. They had two daughters: Mary, who married Benjuamin Woodbrigde and Elizabeth, who married Nathaniel Saltonstall, first of Ipswich and afterwards of Haverhill. Both daughters had children. Alice Edmunds Ward died at Haverhill, March 24, 1680. John was 74 years old. He wrote a will on the 27th of Maay 1680 but it was apparently not executed until a few months before his death. Page 1895, Top Third of Right Hand Column.

In 1689, after the date of November 14th, John's successor, Reverend Benjamin Rolfe of Newbury, came to Haverhill. Reverend Benjamin Rolfe associated with Reverend John Ward for four years Page 1895, Top of the Bottom Third of the Right Hand Column.

November 19, 1693 Reverend Ward preached a sermon as he was entering his eighty-eighth year. John passed away on December 27th, 1693 and was buried on December 28, 1693 at 87 years old. Page 1696, Top Half of :Left Hand Column.