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STEPHEN de Segrave






Stephen de Segrave (or Stephen Sedgrave or Stephen Segrave) (c. 1171 – 9 November 1241) was a medieval Chief Justiciar of England. He was born the son of a certain Gilbert de Segrave of Segrave in Leicestershire, who had been High Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire in 1193. Stephen became a knight and was made constable of the Tower of London in 1220. From 1221 to 1223 he served as High Sheriff of Hertfordshire and Essex, from 1222 to 1224 as High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, from 1228 to 1234 as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire and from 1229 to 1234 as High Sheriff of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. In 1236, he became castellan of Beeston Castle and Chester Castle. In 1232, he succeeded Hubert de Burgh as chief justiciar of England. He became a canon at Leicester Abbey, where he died on 9 November 1241, and was buried. He married twice; firstly to Rohese le Despencer, daughter of Thomas Despenser, who bore him a son, Sir Gilbert de Segrave in 1202, and secondly to Ida de Hastings.