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Sir PATRICK Graham of Kincardine
Sir DAVID de Lindsay of Luffness


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British Isles - England, Untitled Nobility P-S, p. 105:




EUSTACE FitzJohn (before 1100-1157). A charter of King Henry I dated 1133 is witnessed by Payn FitzJohn, Eustache and William his brothers. "…Eustachius filius Johannis…" witnessed the charter of Ramsey abbey dated to [1133/37] which records that "Walterus de Bolebeche…Heylenius uxor sua et Hugo filius suus" donated "terram de Waltone." "Walter de Gaunt" founded Bridlington priory, with the assent of Henry I King of England, by undated charter, witnessed by "…Eustace FitzJohn…" An undated charter records the foundation of Alnwick Abbey, Northumberland by ”Eustachius filius Johannis,” for the soul of “Ivonis de Vescy” and the health of “Willielmi de Vescy filii mei.” “Eustachius filius Johannis…et uxor mea Agneta” founded Watton priory by charter dated to [1150]. m firstly Beatrice de Vescy, daughter of Yves de Vescy Lord of Alnwick and Malton, Yorkshire & his wife [Alda Tyson]. m firstly Eustace FitzJohn (before 1100-1157). A manuscript concerning the founders of Watton priory records the marriage of "Eustachius filius Johannis" and "filia et hærede Ivonis de Vescey," adding that she died giving birth to their son William. An undated charter recording the foundation of Alnwick Abbey, Northumberland recites a donation by "Willielmi de Vescy, filii Eustachii, filii Johannis," for the souls of "patris mei Eustachii et matris meæ Beatricis." m secondly as her first husband, Agnès, daughter of William FitzNeel Constable of Chester, Baron of Halton & his wife ---. "Eustachius filius Johannis…et uxor mea Agneta" founded Watton priory by charter dated to [1150]. "Agnes filia Willelmi constabularii Cestrie" confirmed an exchange of property made by "dominus Eustachius vir meus" with the nuns of Watton, for the souls of "Ricardi filii mei et Galfridi," by charter dated to [1150/57], witnessed by "…Rogerus filius Willelmi constabularii…". Agnes married secondly (after 1157) Robert FitzCount.