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WILLIAM Johnston of Johnstone and of Caskieben


Online at the Scottish National Library.




William Johnston - who got a charter under the Great Seal of Scotland from James IV, "Gulielmo Johnstoun de eodem, terrarum de Ballindauch et molendini earundem" in Aberdeenshire dated 18th August 1509, and confirming a charter in his favor by Alexander Johnston of Ballindauch, of those lands, in excambion of half of the lands of Crimond. He married first, Margaret, daughter of Meldrum of Fyvie "the greatest barron for the tyme in the north pairt of Scotlande. This gentlewoman buire to William ane son, called Jeames, and ane daughter, callit Margret, who was married to ane son of Blackhall of that Ilk" in the Garioch, in Aberdeenshire. William married secondly, Margaret, daughter of Lummysdain of Condelain, in the shire of Fife, the progenator of the Lumsdens of cushnie, in the north. By this lady (who after Williams death became the wife of William Forbes of Corsindae) he had one son, Gilbert who "was provydit to nothing, because his father was slain on the field of Floudoun in his tender infancy, and so he possest nothing of Caskiben but the bear neme of Johnstoun alenarlie" and of him there is no farther account. William also had two daughters by his second wife 1) Christian who married John Forbes of Carnay 2) Margaret who married William Forbes of Finnask. William Johnston having accompanied King James IV on his expidition into England with a large body of retainers, fell by the side of his royal master on the field of Flodden 9th September 1513, and was succeeded by his eldest son.