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Ross of New Castle, Delaware
Index for Ward and Associated Families of Sassafras Neck, Cecil County, Maryland

The progenitor of this family was the Reverend George Ross, the first rector of Immanuel Church, New Castle, Delaware, of which he assumed charge in the month of June 1705. He was one of the family of Ross of Balblair, in the parish of Fern, near the town of Fain, in the shire of Ross, in the south of Scotland, near the point called the Tarbot Ness, his father being David Ross, the second Laird of Balblair. The Balblair family is said to have been a branch of the great Scotch family of Ross and is mentioned in the work entitled "The Earls of Ross and their Descendants" compiled by Francis Neville Reid and reprinted from "The Scottish Antiquity or Southern Notes and Queries" Volume IV. Full abstracts were made by Duncan Veazey.

There seems to have been no Earl of Ross whose family surname was Ross. When the title passed to descendants in the female line, the Lairds of Balmagown assumed the name as male representor lines of the Earls. The descent is understood to be as stated following:

Ferquhart, second Earl of Ross, founded the abbey of Fern. Balblair was the Parish of Fern. He was Knighted June 15, 1215 and created Earl Ross by Alexander the Second of Scotland.

William. Third Earl (son of Ferquhart). 1232, married Jean, daughter of William Cormyn, Earl of Buchan. Died in 1274 and his son,

William, Fourth Earl died in 1322 and was succeeded by his son,

Hugh, fifth Earl. Hugh married as his second wife Margaret, daughter of Sir David Graham of Old Montrose, prior to 1329 by whom he had several children, among them Hugh Ross his third son,

Hugh Ross, Lord of Rariches and First Laird of Balmagown, one of the great landed estates of Scotland. He married Margaret de Barclay and died June 1371 and was succeeded by his son,

William, Second of Balmagown. He married Christian, daughter of Lord Livingston and their son and heir,

Walter, Third of Balmagown and Lord of Rariches 1398. He married Katherine, daughter of Paul MacTyre and had a son,

Hugh, Fourth of Balmagown. His second son was,

William, who became Laird of Little Allan and married Grizal McDonald and had two sons, the younger was:

Walter who became the First Laird of shandwick. He died in 1531 and was buried at Ferne Abbey, having married several times. By his wife Janet Tullosh he had four sons, the third of whom was:

Hugh Ross who became the First Laird of Balmachy, or Ballamuckie. His son was:

Donald, Second of Balmachy died in 1603 and his son:

Walter, Third Laird of Balmachy. He married Jane Douglas and, dying in 1625 his son:

Hugh, fourth of Balmachy died 1649 and his son:

George, fifth Laird of Balmachy married Margaret McCulloch, 1649, and his younger son:

Andrew Ross became First Laird of Balblair. Balblair in 1666 belonged to James Dallas of Balblair and Grissel Ross his spouse. In a letter of 1764 Ross of Balblair is described as "Cadet of the decayed house of Balmachy" [meaning a line other than the senior line of descent. Thanks to Edwin Holcombe, Columbia, SC for this clarification]. Mr. Reid's book says that Andrew, son of George "very probably became Andrew First of Balblair. The letter referred to is said to be still in existance and it is believed that no doubt exists at all as to the line of descent. In fact the letter was written by Hugh Ross, a descendant of the Balmachy family to Mr. John Ross of Philadelphia, a son of the Reverend George Ross. This Andrew, First of Balblair had a son:

David Ross, Second Laird of Balblair. Notary in the Parish of Fern, 1678. Married Margaret Stronach about July 8, 1681. Died about April 13, 1710. They had three sons and one daughter.

Andrew Ross who became Third of Balblair about 1710. A writer or lawyer in Edinburgh, Scotland. Married Margaret Gallio prior to 1710 and died before 1764 leaving a son.
Andrew, who became Fourth of Balblair. He was a surgeon at Kingston, Jamaica and in London in 1730. In 1730 he sold Balblair to John Cruikshank, merchant of London, and died without issue. (His death without issue made the Rev. George Ross Fifth of Balblair by right of descent but of course the property was sold and the descent is of merely genealogical interest.
George Ross
Hugh Ross, of whom no further record.
Elizabeth Ross, who married David Munro, Eighth Laird of Allan who appears to have lived at Daan House, in the Parish of Edderton. It is said that the Ross arms were painted or otherwise whown in one of the windows of Daan House in compliment to her.

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