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Source: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Part 5: A.D. 1052 - 1069


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Title The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Part 5: A.D. 1052 - 1069

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Emma de Normandie




A.D. 1052. This year, on the second day before the nones of
March, died the aged Lady Elfgiva Emma, the mother of King Edward
and of King Hardacnute, the relict of King Ethelred and of King
Knute; and her body lies in the old minster with King Knute. At
this time Griffin, the Welsh king, plundered in Herefordshire
till he came very nigh to Leominster; and they gathered against
him both the landsmen and the Frenchmen from the castle; and
there were slain very many good men of the English, and also of
the French. This was on the same day thirteen years after that
Edwin was slain with his companions. In the same year advised
the king and his council, that ships should be sent out to
Sandwich, and that Earl Ralph and Earl Odda should be appointed
headmen thereto. Then went Earl Godwin out from Bruges with his
ships to Ysendyck; and sailed forth one day before midsummer-eve,
till he came to the Ness that is to the south of Romney. When it...