Genealogy of the Cushing Family V02

GILBERT Cushing CU01 PC01 CA02

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
GILBERT Cushing CU01 1639 MARY (Maria) Barrets 1643

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1680 Shipdam, Norfolk, England
Christening 14/04/1680 Shipdham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Marriage 23 Oct 1706 Hardingham, Norfolk, England
Place of Residence Shipdham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom


Had brothers Henry d 1722 ad Samuel d 1722- but no ref to these on tree from family bible dated 27.7.94 One world tree mentions daughter Johana
Some public trees have birth at Hardingham mpw confirmed.

WRC writes:
"GC's land was formally owned by William Warnes according to deedsdated 1681. The names WW appear frequently in John's descendants. JACOB Warnes is in the ELIZABETH Davy ancestorial line. In C17. the C family owned land in Letton, Hingham, Shipdham and BramptonGordan. The C land in Shipdham runs adjacent to that owned by Thos,Bullock (Gent). TB who is described in one document as Gilbert's uncle and is the son of William Bullock"

SGWC Writes:
Frances Bullock marries a Peter Cushing (she was born 1627) This is the only Cushing/Bullock marrage I can find (Peter Cushing b1623) who had a daughter Elizabeth Cushing b2 Sep 1660 with his first wife Elizabeth Langwade d 1663 in North Walsham Norfolk where many Bullocks are from and they do then move to Shipdhamas they have children there and die there, he then marries Francis Bullock b1627 d1657 in Lessingham, Norfolk, England so Thomas would be an uncle.

Name: Thomas Bullock Gent
Record Type: Burial
Death Date: abt 1733
Burial Date: 11 Mar 1733
Burial Place: Norfolk, England
Father: Robert Bullock Gent
Mother: Susanna Bullock Gent

When Gilbert Cushing was born on 14 April 1680 in Shipdham, Norfolk, his father, Gilbert, was 41 and his mother, Mary, was 37. He married Elizabeth Davy on 23 November 1706 in Hardingham, Norfolk. They had ten children in 16 years. He died on 26 September1727 in Hardingham, Norfolk, at the age of 47.
Follow the line to John Cushing then Follow the suffix TS01 for George Cushing of Thursford Steam fame.
Follow PC01. Follow the Suffix PC01 for Peter Cushing of Star Wars and Hammer House of Horror fame.
All direct line decendants have CAPITALS for their first names.

Follow Sanuel his son then Follow the suffix TS01 for George Cushing of Thursford Steam fame;
Follow the Suffix PC01 for Peter Cushing of Star Wars and Hammer House of Horror fame.

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MS01 - World War I (1914-1918)
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MS05 - American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
MS06 - Cornish Rebellion of 1497
MS07 - English Civil Wars, also called Great Rebellion, (1642–51)
There are no surviving Archdeacon’s transcripts for Hardingham prior to 1725 and no surviving Bishop’s transcripts prior to 1708.
will of a Robert Swift which was proved in the PCC in 1727 and the following extract was taken:
The will was made 27th September 1726. I Robert Swift of Heigham do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: First I give and bequeath to Gilbert Cushing of Hardingham £5 and likewise to Elizabeth his wife £5. I give to John Warnes worsted weaver in Norwich St Edmunds £5. I give to Robert Pitts worsted weaver of Harford £3. I give to William Platfoot of Shipdham, cooper, £2. I give to the parish poor of Kimberley £2 10s. The rest of my substance I will to be equally divided between my two brothers John Swift and Thomas Swift whom I appoint as my executors. Signed by Robert Swift in the presence of William Edgar, Thomas Woodcock & Margaret Brett. The will was proved in London 9th May 1727
So this must be Robert, a son of Robert and Sarah Swift, brother of Rev John Swift.
There is no mention of Robert Cushing or any of Gilbert’s other siblings. An article states that Gilbert and Robert were bought up by John Swift, and also possibly John, but then says that John and Samuel were not and that perhaps Mary Rawlins took the two younger boys. This is certainly possible. I don’t think that the fact that Robert is not mentioned in the will can be taken as an indication that he was not in full control of his senses. Perhaps John only took Gilbert and Mary Rawlins also raised Robert? Perhaps he just decided to make Gilbert his sole heir for one reason or another. I have no idea how Hann Lemmon mentioned in an old document of Aylsham fits in.

CU01 follows the direct male Cushing line. Dates before 1500 are usually approximate as births and deaths were often not registered only names of children. I have used Wills, graves, encyclopaedia references, books and web sources such as Wikipedia and have only recorded on this tree plausible dates, the web is unfortunately full of impossible records!

Going back (ancestors) to go forward (descendants of those ancestors) so to speak and not a direct ancestor but a cousin (removed) follow the line PC01 for Peter Cushing of Star Wars and Hammer House of Horror fame.
Name: Gilbertus Cushion
Gender: M (Male)
Birth Date: 14 avr. 1680 (14 Apr 1680)
Birth Place: Hardingham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death Date: 26 sept. 1727 (26 Sep 1727)
Death Place: Hardingham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Gilberti Cushing
Maria Barrets
Elizabeth Davy
Gilbert Cushing
Henry Cushing
Johana Cushing
John Cushing
John Cushing
Mary Susan Cushing
Rachel Cushing
Robert Cushing
Samuel Cushing
Samuel Cushing
We have confirmation that Nicholas Cushing was the son of Stephen Cushing. We see that Gilbert Cushing owned the same piece of land in 1742 that Robert Cushing transferred to his eldest son Robert in 1659. We have to be talking about Gilbert, born to Gilbert and Elizabeth in Hardingham, in 1714, the grandson of the Gilbert we seek. However, this is a crucial piece of evidence linking Gilbert to Robert Jr. (and Eleanora) and Robert Sr. (and Faith) since in 1742, this early transfer must have been referred back to when Gilbert was admitted to the land. The only reason to refer back to this early entry is if the land remained in the family and when it came to Gilbert wanting to be admitted to the land, the court wanted to look back at the entry to see the wording of Robert Jr’s admission. This stated ‘to hold to him the said Robert Cushin his heirs and assigns…’. This meant that under the terms of his admission it was his desire that the land should remain with his heirs. Of course, it was ultimately up to the Lord of the Manor who was admitted as copyhold tenant, but the Lord of the Manor tended to go along with the wishes and wills of his tenants, unless there was a good reason not to. A tenant might sell his copyhold title also, but if this had been the case here, then there would have been no reason for the court to look back at an entry which was some 100 years old. So this is a vital piece of evidence telling us that Gilbert was an heir of the heirs of these two Roberts

Follow CA02 to Col Job Cushing (1869 – 1944) of the Cushing's Regiment of Militia (also known as the 6th Worcester County Militia Regiment) called up at Westborough, Massachusetts on August 16, 1777, as reinforcements for the Continental Army during the Saratoga Campaign. The regiment marched quickly to join the gathering forces of General Horatio Gates as he faced British General John Burgoyne in northern New York. The regiment served in Brigadier General Jonathan Warner's brigade. With the surrender of Burgoyne's Army on October 17, the regiment was disbanded on November 29, 1777. Remember this particular pathway goes forwards from right to left looking at descendants not backwards looking at direct ancestors.
The fact that we now have evidence that a Robert Cushing owned land in Shipdham, yet Gilbert is the first Cushing that we know was settled there, is suggestive of a link between the two men. The land was sold in 1681 so it is inconceivable that we are looking at the Robert who married Faith here as he would have been born circa 1586 or even earlier. Therefore, it makes sense that we are looking at his son Robert, born circa 1608 who married Eleanora.
Gilbert Cushing died 1727
Domicile: Hardingham Occupation Gent
Executor: John Swift Mary Rarosing
Benificiaries: Mary Susan Daughter, Robert Son, John Son, Gilbert Son, Samuel son


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Gilbertus Cushion, "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975" Original Secondary Direct



All Saints church Shipdham

Gilbert Cushing Marriage Marriage Hardingham 1706 to Eliz Dwy

Gilbert Swift Cushing 1680–1727 BIRTH 14 APR 1680 40

Gilbert Swift Cushing 1680–1727 BIRTH 14 APR 1680 3

Gilbert Swift Cushing 1680–1727 BIRTH 14 APR 1680 2

Gilbert Swift Cushing 1680–1727 BIRTH 14 APR 1680

gilbert cushing baptism 1680

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