Genealogy of the Cushing Family V02

JOHN Cushing CU01

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Name at Birth John Cushing


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
GILBERT Cushing CU01 PC01 CA02 1680 ELIZABETH Davy (Cushing) about 1688

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 20/01/1719
Christening 07 FEB 1719 Hardingham, Norfolk, England
Marriage 27/03/1753 Shipdham, Norfolk, England
Death 1809 Hardingham, Norfolk, England
Burial 16/10/1809 Hardingham, Norfolk, England


Tree marked 3.6.09 says "from Shipdham". This is mentioned in Steve Cushing's 1994 paper about John of Shipdham

At the same time as John married Mary Forby another John married a Mary Bagge. As both are later refered to as Mary this can be just a little confusing. I went originaly with Mary Bagge as she was born in the same parish and is a similar age to THIS john, but BOTH married in this parish a John from the parish. Either way another Mary married a John and also had a son called John. The other John who married a Mary is the son

Fron the parish records......

Name: Mary Bagge
Gender: Female
Spouse: John
Child: John Cushing

Mary Bagge
BIRTH NOV 1728 • Shipdham, Norfolk, England
DEATH 1810 • Shipdham, Norfolk, England

Name: Mary Forbey
Gender: Female
Spouse: John
Child: John Cushing

Name: Mary Forby
Baptism Age: 0
Event Type: Baptism
Birth Date: 1724
Baptism Date: 2 Aug 1724
Baptism Place: Tittleshall with Godwick, Norfolk, England

Norfolk, England, Church of England Baptism, Marriages, and Burials, 1535-1812 for Mary Cushing Norfolk Shipdham

From correspondence with Cyndi Clark:

Can you also confirm that Mary Forbey was the wife of John (1719), rather than of his brother Robert (b1717). Steve Cushing was unsure in 1994 and I can’t make any progress on this. All I have on this is a hand drawn chart sent to me from *Maureen R.Butler in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. The chart was done or commissioned in 1956 by Richard S. Cushing, Canon of the Diocese of Moosonee (sp) Canada. In it he goes back from John and Jemima Osborn to Robert (1717) then back to Gilbert and Elizabeth Davy. Steve Cushing had John and Gilbert in the info he sent me from a family bible.

Note third John Cushing who married a Mary and had a son John in London at the same time, see image from Records.

I have now seen three family bibles from the 1800s that show this Bagge line in the tree as correct. There is another Cushing family that claim it cannot be true as their family follows John and Mary however they have not provided any evidence of this other than these same birth records and the two Mary's Forby and Bagge. To some extent it is irrelevent as it all tracks back to the same point, but for me the evidence is quite clear and until proved otherwise I suggest this is the correct path.
It should also be noted that in one Family bible it shows this link to Gilbert and Elizaberth Davy and by her name it states that Elizabeth was named after her grandmother.

CU01 follows the direct male Cushing line. Dates before 1500 are usually approximate as births and deaths were often not registered only names of children. I have used Wills, graves, encyclopaedia references, books and web sources such as Wikipedia and have only recorded on this tree plausible dates, the web is unfortunately full of impossible records!
Gilbert Cushing died 1727
Domicile: Hardingham Occupation Gent
Executor: John Swift Mary Rarosing
Benificiaries: Mary Susan Daughter, Robert Son, John Son, Gilbert Son, Samuel son
Gilbert Cushing Death 12/10/1799
Domicile: Shipdham Occupation: Gent
Executor: Jane Daughter
Executor: John Brother
Benificiaries: Gilbert Swift Cushing
Son Joseph son, Samuel brother deceased
We have TWO Johns and Two Marys. One Mary Bagge the other Mary Forbey.

First the TWO Johns.

One is the son of Gilbert and Elizabeth.

The other is the son of Edward

Each John (with Mary Forbey and Marry Bagge) has a son called John.

One marries Sarah Stanford. The other marries Jemima Osborn.

Both original Johns flow back to the same family at John in 1470.

The two families after the children marry are very different .

Which John child belongs to which family? Which Mary belongs to which family? Which father of the child John belongs to which family? It makes a BIG difference. I have Mary Bagge on my tree as marrying John son of Gilbert and having the John who marries Jemima but not sure how I came to this conclusion. I think it was that the descendants of Sara Stanford claimed the John who married Mary Forbey but they also claimed Gilbert as their descendant. They are an American family as this branch emigrated to the US so I am not sure that I trust their judgment plus I did see a Gilbert in a family bible back in the day.
Hardingham is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, but Flockthorpe is. There was an outlier to the village called “Mantatestone” which today is known as Manson Green and another “Swathing” which is now called Low Street. Between 1066 and 1210 there were two Lordships, the family of De Camois were seised of the Manor of Flockthorpe, the second was the Manor of Gurneys & Swathing. In 1210 Flockthorpe became Hardingham. " Ham " is common Saxon
name for a small village or settlement.

The Lordship of the Manor stayed in the Wodehouse/Kimberley family until 1985 when the previous Lord Kimberley sold it to William Shaughnessey of the U.S.A.

The village acreage is 2418 acres.

The moat, called the Roundabout at Gresham Farm, is estimated to date from 1066-1539 and considered the site of a residence for Sir Thomas Gresham. Looking at a map of Hardingham it can be noted that the Gresham moat is almost exactly the centre of the village and not the Church. The church is the oldest building in the village now.

The Old Hall on the opposite side of the road to the church is considered late 16th century and the village must have originally been round this area.

Now the village has hamlets at "Low Street", "Danemoor", "Manson Green", "Nordelph Corner" and "Hackford Road" as well as High Common, where there is a Village Hall on the Playing Field, which was given to the village by the Edwards family after the first world war.

In 1881 there were 522 people in Hardingham, today it is about 200



Hardingham st George

John Cushing 1719– BIRTH 20:01:1719-1

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 7 FEB 1719 2

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 7 FEB 1719 1

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 7 FEB 1719 7

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 20 JAN 1719 4

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 20 JAN 1719 2

John Cushing 1719–1809 BIRTH 20 JAN 1719 1

John Cushing Mary Bagge marriage


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