Genealogy of the Cushing Family V02

JOHN Cushing CU01

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
JOHN Cushing CU01 1756 JEMIMA Osborn (Cushing) 1755

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 02 JAN 1785 Hardingham
Christening 03 JAN 1785 Hardingham
Marriage 12 NOV 1810 Thursford, Norfolk, England
Place of Residence 1851 Fakenham, Norfolk, England/
Census 1841 census - age 55 living at Oak Street District Docking & Walsingham AGRICULTURAL LABOURER 1851 census - age 66 living at Oak Street District Walsingham, Fakenham GARDENER 1861 census - age 76 living at Norwich Road District Fakenham, Walsingham GARDENE
Death 17 MAR 1864 Fakenham, Norfolk, England


see Census RG8/107/1826/103 and son George's Parish baptism
11 Norwcih Street, Fakenham
dod from certificate in file. then an almsman formerly a carrier
John and Ann moved from Thursford to Fakenham between birth of Johnand George
Cindy has dob 2.1.1786 but this maybe the different way of yearcounting
Cindy has m 16.1.1810 Pam has supplied marraige cert now on file
Worked as a Carrier with Horse and Cart I have some adverts for this and have followed the route by Bike! See attached documents for adverts for Cushing’s Cart! Steve Cushing

CU01 follows the direct male Cushing line. Dates before 1500 are usually approximate as births and deaths were often not registered only names of children. I have used Wills, graves, encyclopaedia references, books and web sources such as Wikipedia and have only recorded on this tree plausible dates, the web is unfortunately full of impossible records!



John Cushing 1753–1846 BIRTH 1753-5

John Cushing 1753–1846 BIRTH 1753-4

John Cushing 1753–1846 BIRTH 1753-3

John Cushing 1753–1846 BIRTH 1753-2

John Cushing 1753–1846 BIRTH 1753-1

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-7

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-6

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-5

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-3

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-2

John Cushing 1785–1864 BIRTH 2 JAN 1785-1