Généalogie and Heritage

HERLEVA de Falaise WC01 RO01

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
FULBERT de Falaise 0978 Doda 0973

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 09/06/1003 Falaise, Calvados, Lower Normandy, France
Marriage about 1030 France
Marriage 1035
Death 1050 Conteville, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France
Burial Fatouville-Grestain, Eure, Normandy, France


aka Arlette, check whether the Conteville is Bsse- or Haute- Normandie

On the direct Cushing ancestor heritage line follow WC01 from THOMAS’s wife URSULA b1490 as an alternative by direct route to WILLIAM the Conqueror via the Norman Kings rather than the less direct line via his half sister Lady CHRISTINE de Conteville b1035. From her you can also go to WILLIAM via the same code as she was his half sister, thus via her father.



Herleva Arlette de Falaise 1003-1050

Herleva Fulbert

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Family Tree of Richard I - William the Conqueror


Date Age Event Category
999 - 1139 (-3.9) - 136.2 Norman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily Wars & Military Conflicts
1040 37.1 Establishment of Weihenstephan Brewery Companies