Genealogy of the Cushing Family V02

CHRISTINA Ætheling (Follow this RF01 family line for all the early Kings of the English) RF01 (de Limesi)

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name de Limesi
Other Name Abbess Christina de Limisi Princess of England, Nun at Romsey


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
EDWARD Atheling RF01 1016 AGATHA RF01 1018

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth ABT 1044 Castle Reka, Mecseknadasda, Hungary
Birth ABT 1044 Hungary
Marriage about 1062 England
Death 1102


Christina (De Limesi)
BIRTH Unknown
Birth of sister ST. MARGARET QUEEN OF SCOTLAND(1045–1093)
1045 • Reke, Hungary
Birth of son Ralf De Limisi II(1050–)
abt 1050
Birth of brother Edgar "Atheling" King of England(1053–1125)
circa 1053 • Hungary
Death of father EDWARD "AETHLING" ("THE EXILE") PRINCE OF ENGLAND(1016–1057)
1057 • London, London, England
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Final Vows
circa 1086 • Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, England
Born in Hungary, she bcame a nun firstly (according to some authorities) at Wilton Abbey, Wiltshire, and then, in c.1086, at Romsey Abbey in Hampshire. She is sometimes called Abbess of Romsey, but only on very slender evidence.
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Death of sister ST. MARGARET QUEEN OF SCOTLAND(1045–1093)
16 November 1093 • Edinburgh Castle, M. Loth, Scotland
Death of mother AGATHA OF KIEV (OF WEST FRIESLAND)(1025–1093)
after 1093
Abbess Christina de Limisi, Princess of England, Nun at Romsey (born Princes of England Atheling), 1044 - 1093
So many wonderful stories about her and some say she died without chils as a nun but their is evidence of a marriage and a child Ralf, guess we will never know for sure. Fortunatly there are other family ancestorial pathways to her father and to the earlier Limisi family.