Généalogie and Heritage

ROBERT ' le Magnifique ' Duc de Normandie RO01

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Stage/Pen Name Robert the Magnificent or The Devil Duke
Stage/Pen Name Duke Robert of Normandy II
Stage/Pen Name Robert the Magnificent
Nickname Robert le Magnifique
Stage/Pen Name Robert de Normandië
Stage/Pen Name Robert II of Normandy


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
RICHARD II le Bon de Normandie RO01 23/08/963 Judith de Bretagne Duchesse de Normandie (Brittany) 21/03/982

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 22/06/1000 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France
Christening 1001 Normandie, France
Marriage 1035
Religion Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France Archbishop
Occupation England, United Kingdom Sheriff of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire
Death 02/07/1035 Turkey
Burial Jul 1035 Byzantine Empire


Fact Description
Clan House of Normandy



On the direct Cushing ancestor heritage line RO01 leads to ROLLO (860-930) The famous Viking chieftain who became the founder and firstruler of the region of Normandy. He converted to Christianity as part of a deal with the Frankish king Charles the Simple (893-923 CE) in 911 CE (changing his name to Robert), the Frankish king Charles is also a direct ancestor. Again there are two different family lines that lead to ROLLO but I have used the same code. Follow KN01 for EDWARD of Woodstock (1330-1376), who became known as the Black Prince and was one of the most famous commanders during the Hundred Years’ War. He was the son and heir apparent of EDWARD III of England. Dates before 1500 are usually approximate as births and deaths were often not registered only names of children. I have used Wills, graves, encyclopaedia references, books and web sources such as Wikipedia and have only recorded on this tree plausible dates, the web is unfortunately full of impossible records!


Date Age Event Category
999 - 1139 (-1.0) - 139.1 Norman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily Wars & Military Conflicts