Généalogie and Heritage

Hugues d'Eu Bishop of Lisieux

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Stage/Pen Name Hue d'Eu


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
GUILLAUME I 'Sans-Peur' 02/01/980 LESCELINE de Harcourt de Turqueville (d'Eu, Normandie) 0986

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1005 Lisieux, Calvados, Normandy, France
Occupation 1049 He became Bishop of Lisieux at a very young age.
Religion Catholic
Occupation Bishop Of Lisieux
Death 17/07/1077 Lisieux, Calvados, Normandy, France
Burial Aft 17 July 1077 Saint-Désir, Calvados, Normandy, France


Date Age Event Category
999 - 1139 (-6.0) - 134.1 Norman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily Wars & Military Conflicts
1040 35.0 Establishment of Weihenstephan Brewery Companies
1054 49.0 The 'Great Schism' divides medieval Christendom into Eastern (Greek) and Western (Latin) branches. World
1066 61.0 Norman Conquest of England Great Britain