Genealogy of the Cushing Family V02

EDWARD III King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland HP01 KN01 WC01

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Stage/Pen Name Edward of Windsor

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 13/11/1312 Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Christening 20/11/1312 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Marriage 24/01/1327 Yorkshire, England
Occupation 09/02/1327 Lover, Trient, Tirol, Austria Coronation
Military Service 1328 Treaty of Northamp
Military Service 1340 Battle of Sluys: Edward Present At Battle; French Fleet Destroyed
Military Service Oct 1346 Battle of Nevilles Cross: Won Captured David II
Marriage about 1366 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Death 21/06/1377 Richmond, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Burial 05/07/1377 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England


To get to Henry VIII HE01 you need first to get to Henry VII who seized the throne from King Richard III after the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 and therefore wasn’t the rightful king of England. In fact, Henry VII’s claim to the throne was extremely tenuous; he was the great-great-grandson of King Edward III’s fourth son with his third wife. Should the line of succession have continued, Henry would never have gotten anywhere near the crown!

On the direct Cushing ancestor heritage line HP01 leads to all the House of Plantagenet Kings and Queens of England. Dates before 1500 are usually approximate as births and deaths were often not registered only names of children. I have used Wills, graves, encyclopaedia references, books and web sources such as Wikipedia and have only recorded on this tree plausible dates, the web is unfortunately full of impossible records!

On the direct Cushing ancestor heritage line follow WC01 from THOMAS’s wife URSULA b1490 as an alternative by direct route to WILLIAM the Conqueror via the Norman Kings rather than the less direct line via his half sister Lady CHRISTINE de Conteville b1035. From her you can also go to WILLIAM via the same code as she was his half sister, thus via her father.


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